One example of a company who has used a whisper code successfully is Sprinkles Cupcakes.
 Sprinkles has featured a whisper code on their Facebook Page that encouraged their fans to come into their bakerythat day, whisper the code and get a free cupcake.
Another company that uses whisper codes effectively is Domino’s Pizza.
Where they have been effectively using it get new customers to call them to redeem the whisper code on a pizza or food item.
Presently they are using this to earn more fans and to promote their product.
Some companies give it to customers so they can utilize it at checkout by taking a special promotion and making it even better.
For example, if an item that would normally be priced at $15.99 and was on sale for $12.99, could perhaps be given an additional whisper code discount of $8.00.
Special incentives like this, creates loyal customers and fans that monitor your social media special deals that would be monitored and tracked by loyal customers and fans.



Maybe you want to put together a deal, for example a free cookie with every cup of coffee?