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We can customize the video below for your PAINTING company or create one from SCRATCH!

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Check out the great MARKETING TOOLS that go along with the video!

  • Animated sales videos!
  • Keyword optimized websites!
  • Social media contests!
  • Automated video attendants!
  • "Call To Action" buttons!
  • Timers for urgency!
  • And More!

Watch this video to discover ALL of the great ways we can help you generate more money with video marketing!

This is your chance to take your business to whole new levels!

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So many video marketing little time!

  • Paypal buttons
  • Social media buttons
  • Opt-in forms
  • Timer buttons
  • Instructional buttons
  • Link to another website or video buttons
  • And More!

Watch this video to see OTB "Call To Action" buttons IN action!

See how the Charlotte Business Owners group is using our "Call To Action" buttons.

Viewer engagement is key getting more sales and longer viewer retention. We create fun puzzles to give incentivize your viewers to keep watching with a reward that is delivered at the end of the video.

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Step #5- Get your visitors to take ACTION with "Call To Action" buttons.

The OTB video "Call To Action" buttons...

  • Add email opt-in banners!
  • Add "Call Us" buttons!
  • Add social media buttons!
  • Add a Paypal button!
  • Add clickable banner images!

    OTB "Call To Action" can generate new business from WITHIN your video!

    This solution makes watching your video fun and rewarding!

    OTB Timers solution...

    • Push your visitor to making a quicker decision on your product/service!
    • Create a sense of urgency!
    • Use the same technique as Ebay and Amazon!
    • Double or triple your conversions!
    • Countdown can be set to a specific time from when someone arrives at your website!
    • Can be set to end on a specific date and time!

    How about a TIMER on your WEBSITE to create a sense of urgency?

    STEP 7- Social Media Promotion

    As the last step, we will then promote your webpage and video to our entire social media network. Composing of over 100,000 direct connections and individuals in our company-owned groups.

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